Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Daily Report"


7255 KHz Synopsis

W6AD - Andytard, Anal Dumpling, Mister Peepers, The Nurse,  Anal Douche, Lyin' Lynn, All Done - viciously wiped W7EIB (Eats In Butts) Angelito's and KF6Y Randytard's faces in RINO shit all morning!  How do they stand that smell?  They must like it?

N6UGY - Doper Dennis continues to play the sympathy card.  The Mother Hubbards have a bet going.  Will he get to keep it?  Will he loose it?

NF6Y - Randytard excuses himself from the air earlier and earlier every day.  Must start drinkin' earlier and earlier every day.  He sure does slur a lot.  Hey!  That's his new nickname. "Sir slurs-a-lot"!

WA7BZI - "Judas Goat" 


3840 KHz Synopsis

KD6INY - Wally - Jeffrey continues to dominate.  WK6U continues to talk to him, but says he shouldn't.

N6UGY & WK6U run down WA7BZI.  Paul talks about BZI driving without a drivers license.  Isn't that like WK6U working with an inactive contractor's license?



Places of Interest




Document of Interest


The Mother Hubbards still have our "Action Pants" on.
Time to take a bite of the truth!
You can't handle the truth!

Rule of Three
Paranoia - Pandemonium - Pandemic

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